Make An Easier Poached Egg With Olive Oil Instead Of Water

Make An Easier Poached Egg With Olive Oil Instead Of Water
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Most of us probably poach our eggs in water (or even the microwave), but here’s a different technique that results in a more unusual, luscious egg. Poach the egg in olive oil and it’s like you’re making a fried egg, but with a creamy poached yolk in the centre.

Basically, you crack an egg into a pan with a quarter of a cup of olive oil at medium heat, slowly baste the egg with the olive oil to help cook the egg white, and then slide it out when the egg is cooked to your desired perfection. It’s actually easier than poaching in water because you don’t have to bother with obtaining that compact, rounded egg perfection.

Chef Seamus Mullen has a great video demonstrating this classic Spanish way of poaching an egg in oil (also called confiting) or you can head to the Oh Joy! blog for more ideas and mouth-watering photos like the one above.

How to Poach an Egg in Olive Oil… [Oh Joy!]


  • Personally when I want my eggs to be poached it’s to *not* have them + fatty oils on my plate. Interesting technique, though – wonder if you’ve heard of the one where you put some clingfilm over a cup, make a bowl with it before cracking your egg into there & tying it up with an elastic bag then putting it in the hot water?

    • This is how I poach my eggs, works really well you just need to make sure you don’t have cheap thin cling wrap because it will melt.

  • It’s not really poaching, in fact this is FRYING an egg sunny side up.

    1. (transitive) to cook something in simmering water
    2. (intransitive) to be cooked in simmering water

  • I agree this is not really poaching but I have a different technique to achieve similar results without the gratuitous use oil. Lower the heat and put a lid on your non-stick fry pan. You get white poach-ish looking egg, including cooked egg white over top of the yoke, however still have a soft yoke.

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