PackPoint Builds Packing Lists Based On Weather And Your Plans

Android/BlackBerry: Whether you're planning a holiday getaway or a business trip, PackPoint makes sure you go prepared with everything you need for the weather during your trip and any activities or events you'll enjoy while you're there.

The video above does a good job of showing off PackPoint's features. Tell the app your gender, where you plan to go and when, and then fill out a quick list of activities and considerations for your trip. For example, if you're going to a formal event, tap that on the "events" screen. If it's a business trip and you'll need business casual clothes, tap that. When you're finished, PackPoint will assemble a list of clothing, toiletries, gadgets, accessories and other things you'll want to take with you to make sure you're comfortable in the weather, prepped for the events you'll need to go to, and ready for anything.

The app is free, and available now at Google Play and in BlackBerry App World. Hit the links below to grab it.

PackPoint Packing List Builder (Free) [Google Play]

PackPoint Packing List Builder (Free) [BlackBerry App World]


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