OneNote Now Free, Adds Mac Client

Windows/Mac/Web: Big update for OneNote, Microsoft's excellent note-taking application, today. The software is also free for all users, and there's a brand-new Mac client, adding to the existing Windows, Android and iOS options.

The free version isn't a trial or limited in any way — it offers all the options that make OneNote such a powerful tool. Users with a paid copy of Office do get some extra "premium" features such as SharePoint and Outlook integration and versioning, but for most people, the free release will be ample.

As well, OneNote now has a web clipper bookmarklet that works in Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari. Just click the button in your bookmarks bar and whatever you were viewing will be clipped to your notebooks.

The clipper is available due to OneNote's new cloud APIs which also allow IFTTT support. There are a lot more new features, so check out the blog post below for the full run down.

OneNote [via Microsoft Office Blog]


    No local saving/sharepoint access is quite a big fail :(

    What? I am about to pay my office 360 annual subscription. Can I have a discount for the now-free one note? Am I still paying for it every year now and everyone else getting it free?

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