Next Chance To Book World Cup Tickets Draws Near

Australia ranks in the top five countries in the world when it comes to applying for tickets to the 2014 World Cup — which means, mathematically, many Aussies were denied. The next chance to get in on the action is coming up on March 12th.

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Even before the recent second phase of ticket buying began, Fox Sports reported that Aussies had applied for over 80,000 tickets. That puts us up with England, Argentina, USA, and Brazil itself in terms of interest. Of course, in FIFA’s own words, “There are vastly more ticket applicants seeking tickets than there are tickets presently available for the general public”, and there are other obstacles to contend with, such as the 500,000 tickets reserved for Brazilian citizens.

But given passport numbers will be printed on tickets, it’ll be harder to score off scalpers in some regions, depending on how lax security is. And if you can get official tickets, which may be as cheap as $130 AUD or so, that’s on opportunity that should be jumped on. I’d venture to say the scalped tickets would be as much as ten to twenty times as much.

This next round of ticket buying is first come, first serve, so while the period runs from March 12th to April 1st, that really means just March 12th. Your best bet is to go to now and set up your account with a payment option, and hope the gods of the internet smile upon you as you sit there pressing F5 on the day.

There’s another ticket buying round afterwards, also first come, first serve, running from April 15th to July 13th (in other words, April 15th). And while I’d never advise giving up, April 15th really is past the stage of being able to comfortably sort out flights & accommodation to Brazil for the world’s most popular event occurring two months later.

So this next window coming up in ten days is your best bet. And luckily, you won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to stake your claim. The period will open at 8am in Brazil, which makes it 10pm on the 12th of March EST. Good luck!

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