Persona, Mozilla’s Verification System, Is Now In The Community’s Hands

The idea of a global account for identity verification online sounds great in theory, but execution has proved difficult for obvious reasons. Google’s done a decent job, as has Facebook and Twitter, all offering ID systems that can be used by developers for authorisation. Mozilla’s Persona, however, hasn’t seen as much uptake and as a result, the organisation has left it in the hands of the internet.

Mozilla makes it clear in the announcement post that Persona isn’t being “decommissioned”, rather, staff will keep on top of “critical bugs, service disruptions and security issues”, but everything else is up to the community.

The post goes on to mention that “Persona has received less adoption than we were hoping for by this point” and that the work done so far has “shown us that adding more features was not the way forward”.

Sadly, it’s hard to see Persona prospering with Mozilla setting it free from the mothership, which isn’t much of a vote of confidence and other services providing similar functionality and the backing of heavyweights such as Google.

Transitioning Persona to Community Ownership [Mozilla via TechCrunch]

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