Mould Your Own Handles To Replace Broken Or Missing Cabinet Hardware

Mould Your Own Handles to Replace Broken or Missing Cabinet Hardware

Whether you're buying second-hand furniture or you've broken handle on your own cabinet or dresser, replacing it while keeping the original look doesn't have to be tricky. All you need is a little oven-bake clay.

You could just replace all of the fixtures or handles, but that completely changes the appearance. Nancy of Artsy Chicks Rule has a surprisingly easy fix: Grab some oven-bake clay from your local craft or hardware store and use one of the handles you still have to create a mould. Bake it until its firm, then use some more of the clay — in the right colour, of course — in the mould, and bake that until it's firm and solid. Attach your handle, and you're done.

Mind you, you now have a clay handle, when the original may have been metal or painted plastic, so you'll have to treat it as such. Hit the link below for the walkthrough — her finished product really is near-indistinguishable from the originals (at a distance, anyway.)

Missing Hardware? Here's a Fix [Artsy Chicks Rule]


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