Lo And Behold, Martha Stewart Got It Wrong

Lo And Behold, Martha Stewart Got It Wrong

Lo and behold. The Macquarie Dictionary defines this “an exclamation used to indicate that the circumstance about to be revealed or described is surprising”. But if you make a spelling error and use low instead of lo, you lose the impact.

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That’s exactly what happened to US baker/household organiser/publisher Martha Stewart during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit last week. Here she is explaining her technology habits

I have always tried to stay ahead of the tech curve. I use the new Samsung notebook, I use the iPhone, and low and behold, I still have a new Blackberry. All I need now is one phone number for all of them.

I’m prepared to accept that typos are going to happen in a live chat environment, even for a perfectionist like Stewart. But we mustn’t perpetuate the idea that this spelling is correct. Accuracy matters.

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