Lighting Or Hardware: What's More Important When Recording A Tutorial?

For the particularly crafty among us you might, on occasion, feel the need to record a how-to video about your hobby. Sadly, this spark of motivation can be quickly stifled not from a lack of desire, but understanding. If you're after a few tips on what equipment you'll need and the best way to approach the task, MAKE's Becky Stern has some advice for you.

Stern has compiled 10 points on how to record better DIY videos. The article contains some common-sense advice, like the importance of lighting over the quality of your camera and the need for proper editing, but Stern also emphasises that you should get comfortable working while capturing and getting into the habit of talking to the camera. These can be trickier to do when you're not used to putting together tutorials.

The bulk of the tips are in slideshow form, fortunately, they're all contained on the one page.

10 Tips for Making Great Build Videos [MAKE]


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