Lifehacker Hotel Vlog: Crown Towers Melbourne

Lifehacker Hotel Vlog: Crown Towers Melbourne

Crown Towers is the hotel above the casino in Melbourne. What gives with the exuberance of pillows, and why might the hotel designers be annoyed with Apple? Find out in this video review.

As with all my hotel videos, this isn’t an exhaustive review: it’s a quick overview of the most notable features. My favourite aspect of this room was definitely the shower. I want one of those.

Disclosure: Angus Kidman visited Melbourne as a guest of Symantec.


  • Why so negative? The entire monologue and article seems to come from a negative starting point and then goes up from there, almost begrudgingly accepting the nicer elements because you couldn’t say anything bad about them.

    I think your closing comment is most revealing – you’re a cheapskate – which clearly prevents an impartial and objective review of the facilities. This isn’t journalism, its a stranger in a strange land complaining.

  • The comment about the clock radio only supporting older iPhones due to the use of the legacy 30-pin connector — this could be worked around with one of the Apple Lightning-connector adaptors which clip to the 30-pin connector so you can use a newer Lightning-equipped iDevice with that radio.

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