Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted to know about life lessons in your twenties, ALDI Mobile putting the pinch on and other supermarkets getting sneaky, relaxation tips, Word formatting and Windows XP. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. 10 Of The Most Important Life Lessons I Learned From My 20s
    On my 20th birthday, I got drunk and peed on some old ladies’ front lawn. A cop saw me and stopped me. Fortunately, I talked my way out of going to jail that night. I already had an arrest record, but he didn’t bother to check. My 20s started out with a bang.
  2. ALDI Mobile Slashes $35 Plan Data Allowance To 1GB
    ALDI Mobile is continuing its long history of reducing its data allowances while charging the same amount of money for its prepaid plans. From 1 April (no joke), its $35 prepaid plan will include just 1GB of data each month — less than half the current 2.5GB allowance and just one-fifth of the 5GB it originally launched with.
  3. How You Can Learn To Finally, Really Relax
    It seems like relaxing is something everyone should be able to do, but those of us who are constantly stressed, are workaholics, or have certain health issues don’t have an easy “off” switch. Relaxation is something we actually have to learn and practise, much like happiness. And, like happiness, learning to relax is extremely important for your health and well-being. Let’s take a look at the ways we can beat chronic tension and finally slow down.
  4. Beware Of Fake ‘Specials’ At Supermarkets
    If there’s one thing everybody loves, it’s buying groceries that are on special. Supermarkets know this, which is why price drops are always highlighted with eye-catching stickers. No harm, no foul right? However, some chains have taken the dubious step of introducing ‘Price Match’ labels which look suspiciously like discount stickers.
  5. Takeaway Truth: McDonald’s ‘M Selections’ Chicken Schnitzel Rolls
    Takeaway Truth is an occasional Lifehacker feature where we compare marketing images against what you actually get served. Today: The McDonald’s Chicken Schnitzel & Citrus Mayo Roll and Chicken Schnitzel & BBQ Roll.
  6. Six Tips For Better Formatting In Microsoft Word
    If you’ve worked with Microsoft Word much at all, you know how frustrating it can be getting formatting just the way you want it. While you can’t remove all of the frustration, you can eliminate a lot of it by learning how formatting works in Word and which tools are available to help you control it.
  7. How To Find The Right Tablet For You
    In only a few short years, the world has gone from having almost no tablets worth owning to far too many. Between iPads, the various Android tablets, and Microsoft’s not-quite-laptop offerings, how do you know which ones are worth your money? With our handy guide, of course.
  8. Three Windows Shortcuts Every Beginner Should Know
    If there’s one thing that will make you faster and more productive on a computer, it’s keyboard shortcuts. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts beginners should know, but here are three specific to Windows.
  9. Why You Can’t Lose Things In Your Vagina, And Other Vaginal Facts
    Not too long ago we showcased some interesting facts about the penis, so it’s only fitting that we share some great vagina facts as well; including why you can’t really “lose” anything in there, and the fact that vaginas are great at self-cleaning.
  10. How To Deal With The Death Of Windows XP
    Almost 13 years after its release in October 2001 to a world still in shock after the 9/11 terror attacks, the sun is finally setting on Microsoft’s Windows XP. The operating system has been the software in many home and work PCs but for die-hard users who continue to use XP, danger that way lies.

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