Last Week’s 10 Biggest Posts

From changes at Qantas to the latest plans for Windows, we had you covered. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How To Hide Your Porn
    Surprisingly few people are comfortable admitting they watch porn, so it’s understandable that you might want to hide your collection from prying eyes. Here are a few ways to go about it.
  2. How To Stop Giving A F**k What People Think
    We’re all guilty. Every day, from the moment we wake up, we live our lives caring what other people think of us.
  3. The Flights Qantas Is Getting Rid Of And Changing
    As part of a massive restructure that will see 5000 jobs lost and orders for new planes deferred and cancelled, Qantas is also dumping and altering some flights, including direct flights between Perth and Singapore. Here’s what frequent flyers need to know.
  4. Three Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Making A Purchase
    If you can relate to the proverbial hamster on a wheel in your quest to have a bigger house, or nicer clothes, science can explain why. The “hedonic treadmill” is what psychologists call our innate desire for bigger, better pleasures — like a bigger house or splashier car — each time we get a raise or bonus.
  5. Ask LH: Is It Illegal To Film Someone Without Their Permission?
    Hey Lifehacker, I admit it, I sometimes watch those dubious “current affairs” shows, and it has me wondering: can you request a TV crew to stop filming, and are they breaking the law if they don’t stop? And what if a cop asks me to stop videoing them?
  6. Windows 8.1 Update To Bring Back Close And Power Buttons
    One of the most frequent (and justified) criticisms of Windows 8 is that the emphasis on touch-screen input actually makes the product harder to use for anyone with a mouse and keyboard — which is still the great majority of customers. Microsoft appears to be finally conceding that point, announcing plans for an update that will keep the “Modern” tiles but add more features for existing users.
  7. Ask LH: Is This Parking Fine Unfair?
    Hey Lifehacker, I was recently parked on a driveway, making sure the footpath was clear and I was not on the road. However, I still ended up with a fine. According to Victorian parking regulations, I should only have received a fine if I was parked on a road or blocking the footpath. I am sure that the part of the driveway I was on is not a road. Should I appeal
  8. Chilli Challenge: What’s The Most Effective Way To Stop The Burning?
    What liquid offers the fastest and most effective relief from scorching-hot food? In a bid to find out, I’ll be sticking an entire chilli into my mouth each day this week, followed by a popular cooling remedy such as milk and hot water. (We’re also taking suggestions!)
  9. How I Learned To Stop Being So Jealous And Get On With My Life
    Jealousy and envy are two of the most common — yet negative and useless — emotions many of us have. For a long time, I let both of these destructive feelings overwhelm and poison me. Here’s how I finally gained control over them.
  10. The Best Google Easter Eggs For IT Pros
    Many of Google’s Easter eggs maintain a deeply geeky flavour. With an ancient HTML-related gag joining the collection this week, we’re celebrating the hidden search tricks and jokes that IT professionals will appreciate more than the average mug punter.

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