Klutch Makes Getting Groups And Friends Together Quick And Easy

Klutch Makes Getting Groups And Friends Together Quick And Easy

The beauty of Klutch is that everyone is invited to the same space to plan your get-together. Instead of you having to juggle emails and text messages from a bunch of other people and coordinate everything on your own, Klutch does the virtual equivalent of putting everyone in the same room to figure it out. You create the event with timing that works for you and a location that works for you, and then invite everyone you want to come. Everyone’s messages to the group are visible in the app, along with their suggestions for alternate times, dates or locations. As your friends suggest alternatives, everyone votes, and the best or most popular plan for everyone wins.

The app even has built-in group chat so updates to the event go out immediately and everyone can talk to one another freely, check and see where someone is if they’re late, or check in with the group if they need directions or have a last-minute change of plans. The app is free and available now in the iTunes App Store (an Android version is on the way, if there’s enough interest — they’re taking sign-ups if you want to know when it’s available). Hit the link below to grab it.



  • What are the advantages of this over, let’s say, a facebook group chat? or an actual event on facebook? Keep in mind that I already have facebook so even if it’s lacking in some features it is the huge frontrunner by virtue of it already being on my phone. Is there enough in this app to make me download and learn to use a whole new app to do something that could be adequately done on facebook? If so, what is it?

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