KFC Pecks Out Custom Chicken Orders

If you’re one of those people who requests specific types of chicken at KFC, we have some unfortunate news for you — the takeaway chain is stepping up its “set combinations” policy via strict in-store notices. In other words, it’s now going to be much harder to escape that measly wing piece. Boo!

We spotted the above poster during a recent foray into KFC for Takeaway Truth. Its size and positioning makes it impossible to overlook, which we’re guessing is intentional. It’s basically an unsubtle reminder that customers can’t choose any type of chicken piece they like.

On the surface, nothing has changed much: KFC has always used set chicken combinations to minimise wastage and/or shortages of particular pieces. However, this used to be a relaxed policy that most outlets happily ignored — if you wanted an extra thigh instead of a leg, it was usually easy to get it.

All this is set to change if the new signage is anything to go by. It would appear management is concentrating its efforts to make chicken combos uniform. While the wording is friendly enough, the poster is tantamount to a “no exceptions” policy.

On the plus side, this should help ensure that your local store doesn’t run out of the choicest pieces of chicken at the end of each day. If you tend to dine at KFC late at night, this policy might actually work in your favour. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

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