KFC Pecks Out Custom Chicken Orders

KFC Pecks Out Custom Chicken Orders

If you’re one of those people who requests specific types of chicken at KFC, we have some unfortunate news for you — the takeaway chain is stepping up its “set combinations” policy via strict in-store notices. In other words, it’s now going to be much harder to escape that measly wing piece. Boo!

We spotted the above poster during a recent foray into KFC for Takeaway Truth. Its size and positioning makes it impossible to overlook, which we’re guessing is intentional. It’s basically an unsubtle reminder that customers can’t choose any type of chicken piece they like.

On the surface, nothing has changed much: KFC has always used set chicken combinations to minimise wastage and/or shortages of particular pieces. However, this used to be a relaxed policy that most outlets happily ignored — if you wanted an extra thigh instead of a leg, it was usually easy to get it.

All this is set to change if the new signage is anything to go by. It would appear management is concentrating its efforts to make chicken combos uniform. While the wording is friendly enough, the poster is tantamount to a “no exceptions” policy.

On the plus side, this should help ensure that your local store doesn’t run out of the choicest pieces of chicken at the end of each day. If you tend to dine at KFC late at night, this policy might actually work in your favour. Swings and roundabouts, eh?


  • You can’t exactly blame them for this. However, the rules are always going to be broken by how much the pimply faced twat dislikes you anyway.

  • Of all the things KFC’s management should fix up, this is what they choose? Wow, no wonder their stores are going down the drain.

    Bit of advise to KFC’s management, don’t worry about “fixing up” your customers, fix your staff and food first. That place needs a staff member enema, sooooo many shit people working there, that are far too interested in their iPhones and talking to their friends, than service customers, or cooking food. I suspect that flows onto the second problem of the food being quite possibly the worst take away option out there right now. But without being able to find a KFC store with good staff to compare against, it’s difficult to tell.

    • “That place” – There are more than 600 stores Australia wide – might be a bit of a generalization to suggest that all of them are poorly managed and have poor staff. In saying that, I can’t say I’ve ever been to one that impressed me either.

      • Whilst it’s true that it’s a sweeping generalisation to tar all KFC outlets with the same brush, anecdotally it remains that KFC stores have become (in the last few years at least) almost universally bad. It’s rather interesting when one thinks about it; I mean, with so many different people at so many different stores, how is that even possible?

        And yet, if anyone else sold KFC product, I’d never go to KFC again.

        • GFC, Golden Fried Cockeral is a chain starting up in North Queensland. Essentially KFC with better service.

          Although it does seem the staff other Fast Food places reject seem to end up at KFC.

          Also worth pointing out that Macca is using as much Automation as possible to guarantee quality and service.

    • I’m just wishing they’d stop running out of their various foods. Constantly having to change my order to something different. Once my local one were totally out of chicken breasts for the burgers… how does that even happen?

      • That happens all the time at my local one as well, part of the reason we’ve stopped going there really, I mean, it’s like 12:30 on a Saturday, and they don’t have any chicken to sell? That’s like the core product of their business, at probably the most visited time of the week.

    • There is a kid (looks about 12) who works in the Artarmon store and he is the most switched on customer service person I have seen in ANY fast food joint, if he’s not running the place by the time he’s 13 it’ll be a crime

    • I have always said that KFC employees are just the ones that Macca’s rejected. It is THE place to go and bang your head against a wall of stupidity, if you are in to that sore of thing.

  • One of my routine post-walk-home orders (45min at sweat-inducing pace) is two pieces of original recipe – thighs only. Normally original recipe is $2, but requesting thighs, they tack on 50c each piece, so total I’m up for five bucks for my snack. Sometimes just one if I’m feeling crappy in the gut. I wonder if this will still be allowable…
    I’ll have to go to Red Rooster otherwise, and they charge way too much for that order. 😛

    Might just have to grab a tray from coles/woolies and cook them in the oven myself. SUCH A HASSLE.

    • You can’t really complain about the price can you? Especially in light of the fact that you actually pay it! 🙂

      KFC has to be one of the most overpriced fast food joints. Especially given their food is actually pretty crap.

      I much prefer to either go to a local chicken place or even coles and buy a cooked bird. Then again, drumsticks take an hour in the oven and virtually no prep time.

  • My “KFC” fix has been courtesy of Korean Fried Chicken for a long time now. The Colonel is dead to me.

  • It must be hard for them, ‘dubious meat’ after all, is much cheaper than real chicken.

    If KFC allow people to keep asking for real chicken in their meal pack the company will liely go broke and be buried in a glut of unwanted seagull wings and rabbit portions.

    • Rabbit is quite noticably different from Chicken. I made that mistake at 10.

      Me: This chicken tastes really weird and it’s so tough.
      Dad: That’s Rabbit.
      Me: Really?
      Dad: Yes.
      Me: Really?
      Dad: Yes.
      Me: Really?
      Dad: Yes. Yes it’s bloody Rabbit,
      *Other kids dropping it, spitting it out gagging.
      Me: It’s quite well done actually. *Takes another bite.
      Host: Would you like some More?
      Me: No thanks.
      *Dad bursts into laughter,

  • I wouldn’t be so bothered by this if they actually stick to their own damn policy.
    I have gotten 4 pieces of wings in a box of 5 or 7 pieces of drumsticks in a box of 9 before.

  • wings and thighs are the most delish bits! the closer meat is to a bone the nicer it is. breast have higher protein amounts and less fat, but who the fuck wants dry chicken all the time!

  • You know, actually working there gives you a different perspective on things. For one, One of the most annoying things to happen, in the middle of peak, is trying to find three pieces of specific chicken with managers constantly telling us to make sure we use everything. For another, I know for a fact it is real chicken, because I have seen it raw, battered, and cooked. Yes we run out sometimes, due to not expecting so many orders, or to a cooker being down, or to having an incorrect delivery. If someone is rude to you, or discriminatory, you have every right to speak to the manager. I know I try my very best to keep a smile on, even when all I get is rudeness in return.

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