IntelliScreen X 7 Enhances Your iOS Lock Screen

IntelliScreen X 7 Enhances Your iOS Lock Screen

iOS (Jailbroken ): IntelliScreen is one of the most popular reasons to jailbreak, and the new version, IntelliScreen X 7 is available for iOS 7. With it comes a stack of new ways to customise your lock screen and set quick reply options for text messages.

IntelliScreen X’s main purpose is to offer you customisation options for your lock screen. You can view and reply to emails right from the lock screen, post Facebook updates, look at Twitter, set up an RSS feed, and overhaul the calendar display.

Besides the design overhaul, this version also brings along Slide, an app switcher that allows you to actually use an app without fully opening it up. IntelliScreen is a bit pricey at $US9.99, but you can check out a free three-day trial.

IntelliScreenX ($US9.99) [Modmyi]

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