How Google I/O Is Trying To Make Registration Fairer

How Google I/O Is Trying To Make Registration Fairer

The announcement of Google’s annual I/O developer conference has uusally resulted in a mad scramble as developers race to register. This year, Google is trying to eliminate that issue by randomly selecting attendees for the event, which takes place on 25 and 26 June in San Francisco.

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Google outlined how the process will work in a blog post this morning. Between 8 and 10 April (US dates — that will be 9 to 11 April in Australia), you can apply to register on the Google I/O site. After registration, Google will “randomly select applicants after the window closes on April 10, and send ticket purchase confirmation emails shortly thereafter”.

That seems a reasonable approach, though it does mean you won’t be able to book flights until after registration information arrives. My inner cynic suspects that there might be some “massaging” of the random process so that favoured developers can show up, but given how many people usually miss out, this still seems fairer.

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