Gridzzly Creates Printable Grid Paper With Customised Lines And Dots

Gridzzly Creates Printable Grid Paper with Customised Lines and Dots

Gridzzly is a beautifully simple tool for anyone who uses grid, graph or ruled paper. The webapp lets you fine-tune the pattern you need and then easily print it yourself.

Just choose the shape (dots, lines, squares, or even hexagons), move the slider to adjust the spacing, and print away. The ruler at the top helps with sizing.

The site was designed by Rostislav Blaha and couldn't be easier to use.



    Look, I can haz javascript.
    Preprinted graph paper at 3.5 cents per page, useful because 5 mm grids are usable.

    Reflex paper at 1 cent per page, plus printing costs which could be anywhere up to 10 cents per page.
    There are other websites which are better as they have millimetre grid lines.

      Care to suggest some of those better websites? There are a lot of similar or worse websites out there as well, so while I don't doubt that there are some that are better than Gridzzly it's not exactly trivial to find them.

      On the topic of Gridzzly -- keeping in mind that it's been around 2 years since I looked for a website to print custom grids -- even if it is simple it's definitely one of the easiest to use I've seen, although I think actually including units (even if they are fairly obvious) on the ruler at the top of the monitor would improve usability. Options to precisely set values rather than simply dragging a slider would also be greatly appreciated.

      Last edited 30/03/14 8:36 pm
        At least the first two hits are better, probably more.

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