Grab A Crucial M500 480GB SSD For $262 Delivered From Amazon

Grab A Crucial M500 480GB SSD For $262 Delivered From Amazon

Speaking of SSDs, Amazon has dropped the price on a number of models, including both Crucial and Samsung. The best deal right now is for the former’s 480GB M500, which is going for $US229.99, plus $US7.51 delivered — or $262 in local coin.

As spotted over at OzBargain, all M500 drives are currently discounted by the online retailer, as are Samsung’s 840 EVO series drives. For example, the 500GB is $US276, down from its RRP of $US479.99.

Undoubtedly SSDs will continue to get cheaper, but at these sale prices its feasible to get a decent amount of flash storage — in the half-a-terabyte range — at a competitive price right now.

Crucial M500 480GB SATA 2.5-Inch 7mm [Amazon via OzBargain]


  • I’m wondering how many people actually use an SSD bigger than say 120Gb…?
    I’ve bought a few for my rigs in the past, in fact I just bought a nice fast one last week…! However 120Gb is as big as I’ll need for the time being… why..? because I can install the OS and those programs that need the speed on a small SSD and the other stuff on a fast HDD. I even put the desktop, Download and every other folder in the user section on to my HDD. No doubt there are professionals who need the speed for high end programs like Photoshop etc. but Gamers and casual users, given the cheap cost per Gb on fast and reliable HDD’s, anything bigger is a waste of money.

    • I’m not sure it’s a waste – I have a 128gb and after about 6 months of just randomly installing games on it – it’s very full.. Generally all it means is when I want to play something new I just uninstall something i’m not playing.. But the prospect of not having to do that, or of having to do that 1/3rd as much, is very attractive – especially at what is as in this article quite a good price 😀

      Granted I could just install the very large games on a traditional drive instead.. But that kind of defeats the point lol

    • I used a 128GB SSD/2TB HDD combo for a build late last year and in hindsight, I wish I’d sprung on the extra $80-100 to get a 256GB SSD for the peace of mind and breathing room. After Windows, Office and a couple of games, it’s already showing only 15GB free.

    • I tried to update Diablo 3 on the weekend. Turns out my 200GB SSD is just a little too full. So now I’m cleaning it out to try and make space. Considering D3 is only 1 of 3 games installed on the drive – with everything else on a regular old HDD – I’m still wondering where all the space has gone.

  • Notebook users have space for only 1 drive (in most notebooks, anyway). Replacing a 750gb drive with a 120gb drive wouldn’t quite work. But going from 750 to 480 feels doable. I may pull the trigger on this one. Can’t decide between Crucial and Samsung, though. Anyone have any pros and cons?

    • Yeah… being a mostly PC user, I forgot the laptop set, for whom this deal sounds good.. I do have a decent lappy, but I’m quite happy with the 120Gb mSATA it’s using, for now…! 🙂

    • ^ This

      For a single disk system, 120GB doesn’t cut it for my notebook, as I am frequently out and about without an Internet connection, so keep a lot of files on my notebook that others may otherwise have sitting on the desktop or home server. 120GB wouldn’t even be enough for my ebook collection and photos, which I always want access to, especially when offline.

      The other reason for going all SSD on a notebook is battery life.

  • I got a 256GB, After windows, Adobe Suite and 3 games its got 50GB left. I do like having room left on the HD and dont you need it for the Cache?

    I never store files in C: drive though, My D: disk drive has desktop, downloads, mydocs and everything diverted to it. I really do not know why this is not a standard by now.

  • Grabbed the 240GB! Figure that’s more than enough for my OS and most used programs when I’ve still got my 500GB WD Black for other programs and then a few TB of Greens for storage.

  • Taking into account shipping and handling costs, this is a pretty terrible deal.

  • How is it a bad deal? According to the cheapest 480GB M500 is $309 (from they then charge a minimum of $9 shipping so a total of $318 AUD.

    The same drive from Amazon (inc. shipping and handling) is $273 AUD, a saving of $45! Terrible indeed…

    • When I selected the Samsung drives, it was $166 shipping and handling added when I went through the process.

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