Google Play Now Selling TV Shows In Australia

Google Play Now Selling TV Shows In Australia

Google Play began renting movies in Australia back in April 2012, started selling them in October that year, added music in April last year and streaming music as a subscription service in July. Now, rather belatedly, it will sell you TV shows as well.

Shows cost $2.99 per episode, with season passes available for some series. That pricing is (unsurprisingly) essentially identical to iTunes, but Google Play is obviously a more convenient option for Android owners.

Shows Google highlights in its announcement include Game Of Thrones (only seasons 1-3), Breaking Bad and Veep. Local content seems mostly drawn from SBS (Wilfred, Housos, East West 101), though veteran comedy Russel Coight’s All-Aussie Adventures also gets a shout-out.

Your favourite TV shows – now available on Google Play [Google Australia Blog]


  • And you can pin these items on to your device for offline viewing!

    Welp, there goes one less piracy argument for me. Now, if only they had an All Access subscription that gave you unlimited TV shows like they do with music..

    • Didn’t you just negate your “one less piracy argument” with a statement that argues FOR piracy?

      $3 an episode will get very expensive, very quickly.

  • One thing I notice is that because the deals are with the local free to air networks, and not the source, the episodes are months out of date.

    American Dad – Licensed from 7 – Season 1-8 – Season 9 ended in the States on May 12 2013, and Season 10 episode 11 has already aired in the US. C’mon people this is ridiculous.

    The Simpsons – Licensed from 10 – Season 24 on google play whereas season 25, epsiode 11 has already aired in the US.

    Big Bang Theory – Licensed from 9 – Season 7 episodes 8 & 9 are available, but episode 17 has already aired in the US

    At least *some* of the foxtel licensed stuff is up to date:
    The Walking Dead – Licensed from FX – Season 4 episode 12 is up and that is in fact the last one that aired in the US
    The real housewives of Beverly hills and keeping up with the kardashians are other examples, but unfortunately most of the stuff licensed from foxtel is series that have ended for good.

    It might come as a shock to some of these people that android devices have access to the internet!

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