Evernote Adds Handwriting Support And Highlighting To Android

Android: Sometimes, you want to quickly jot a note down or draw instead of typing. If you're an Evernote user (we think you should be), you can now handwrite in the latest version of Evernote for Android.

In the updated app, tap the new pen icon at the top and start inking away with either a stylus or your fingers. According to other Evernote beta testers, this works best on tablets and smartphones that are stylus-friendly, such as the Galaxy Note series. You might see some lag with the eraser tool, but the new handwriting feature is otherwise a sweet new option. There are also a few colour and line thickness options so you can stylise your handwritten notes appropriately, and you can add text, photos and files to the same note you write or sketch in.

The update also adds a highlighter, the ability to duplicate notes and create note links, and an improved camera experience (faster and better focusing).

Head to Google Play to update or download the app or read more about the new feature at Evernote's blog.

Handwriting Arrives in Evernote for Android [Evernote]


    I've been using the beta for awhile- less brush options than s-note, but overall a much better experience. The ability to have multuple discrete writing boxes that you can add to is very handy.

    Ummm... That's not a GMaj7 chord. That's a G chord. How did this video get through editing?

    Last edited 08/03/14 12:25 am

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