Dealhacker: Get Carmageddon For Free On iOS

Heads up splatter fans: the infamous roadkill-generator Carmageddon is currently available for free on iOS devices. Read on to find out why it’s one of the most notorious games in existence.

Originally released by Interplay in 1997, Carmageddon is essentially a 3D ‘reimagining’ of arcade curio Death Race which caused considerable controversy all the way back in 1976. Both games share a creative likeness to Roger Corman’s cult 1974 film Death Race 2000 which pitched sports motorists against each other in a Dystopian future. (Indeed, Carmageddon was originally envisioned as an officially licensed adaptation before negotiations fell through.)

While nominally a combat racer, the game’s main claim to fame is that it allows players to run over pedestrians and animals with their vehicles for extra points. Naturally, the moral guardians of the time expressed public outrage at this feature, much to the glee of its headline-baiting creators.

The game was even banned outright in a handful of countries, including Germany and the UK. In these territories, Interplay was forced to release a modified version that turned the hapless pedestrians into robots and zombies; which arguably worked better in the futuristic setting.

When compared to today’s ultra-violent video games with their highly realistic graphics, the gore in Carmageddon is cartoony and surprisingly tame. With that said, mowing down fleeing innocents beneath the razor-tipped wheels of your car is still pretty shocking; especially when they scream.

To own this piece of historical controversy on your iPhone, head to the Apple store now. You can also pick the game up on Android for a $1.31.

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