Dealhacker: Get $65 Worth Of Android Apps From Amazon For Free

Amazon is currently giving away 12 of its most popular gaming, productivity and fitness apps for Android and Kindle devices. The bundle includes POLARIS Office, mSecure Password Manager, PrintHand Mobile Print Premium and the Runtastic PRO GPS Running, Walking & Fitness Tracker which usually sell for between $10.50 and $14. Get the full list of links here.

The Amazon 'Free App of the Day' initiative does exactly what it says on the tin. For today and tomorrow (21-22 March), this has been expanded to include 12 apps which make up the Amazon Appstore Hits bundle. These normally come to a total of $65.47. Here's the full list:

  Also be sure to check out today's App Deals post for more additional bargains on Android, Windows Phone and iOS.


    note - if you are on Android you will first have to download an install the Amazon app manager. And then you also have to wait for Friday (in USA probably).

      It's on now, for at least the Mobile Print one.
      Check again

    And apparently live in the USA, for some of these apps. :(

    Last edited 21/03/14 7:04 pm

      Just use the Amazon AppStore app, and you'll find the geo restrictions are not enforced like they are on the website

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