Days Is A Beautiful Countdown Widget To Remember The Big Date

Days is a Beautiful Countdown Widget to Remember the Big Date

Android: Have an important date coming up, such as an anniversary or a project deadline? Days is a beautiful and simple Android app that will count down the number of days left, and show it as a widget too.

Setting an event is easy. Choose a date from the calendar and then add a title and description. Days also asks you to choose a colour, which is a nice touch — you could use different colours for work, family, friends and so on. The app starts the countdown immediately, showing you the number of days left till D-day.

There are two types of widgets you can set with Days: an individual date or a list. I quite like the individual dates, which are clean and minimalistic — just the title with the background colour you chose, and the number of days left. The list is a scrollable list of all the events you have.

Days is free and a nice way to keep track of important dates on your Android.

Days (Free) [Google Play Store via Android Awesomeness]


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