Cut Handles In Cardboard Boxes For Easy Moving

Cut Handles In Cardboard Boxes For Easy Moving

You know where to find cardboard boxes when you need to move, but the chances of getting boxes with handles are low. Well, if you hadn’t already thought about it, you could just make your own.

Buzzfeed’s video of quick tricks to make your move easier includes an ingenious bit of advice. Grab a cutter, scissors or anything that will let you cut small spaces into either side of the box, so you have handles to easily carry it.

The full video is worth watching for some other neat tricks. For example, a rubber band can keep you from getting locked out as you move in and out of the house. And my personal favourite is using disposable plates to pad and protect your expensive ones.

6 Moving Hacks You Should Know [Buzzfeed]


  • I don’t know how many of you have tried cutting handles into a cardboard box, but let me just say that before youitend to start moving around said box with cut handles, PLEASE BE CAREFUL! I’ve had many a paper cut from trying to DIY handles like these!

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