Check It Out! The Master Of Life Advice Is Back

We've been living without the instantly classic wisdom of Dr Steve Brule for almost exactly two years, and all our lives are worse because of it. Finally, the master is back, and in his first episode, he's looking at catching flights.

You can't beat the solid life hacks of Channel 5's Brule in his spin-off show, Check It Out! From advice on anything from wine to women, he enriches our minds and touches our hearts. Though one wonders how he was able to get that title of "Doctor"...

You can watch the entire first episode here, but Adult Swim doesn't seem to like us Down Under folk. Luckily, Gizmodo has a few ways to get around that.


    Hope he's not planning on catching a Qantas flight..

    wow the wreck it ralph guy does fart and spew jokes.... GROSS! AND IMMATURE! Glad we don't get that show here !

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