Briefly: Transformers 4 Trailer, Cheap Guitars, Gabe Newell AMA

Briefly: Transformers 4 Trailer, Cheap Guitars, Gabe Newell AMA

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Watch the first Transformers 4 trailer, get cheap guitar products from ALDI, everything interesting Gabe Newell said in his Reddit AMA.

  • If you enjoyed any of Micheal Bay’s Transformers movies you’re an insufferable blight upon art, cinema and humanity. But we try to be inclusive here at Lifehacker, so here’s the latest Transformers 4 trailer.
  • The war for the future of television is starting to boil over. FreeTV Australia, a self-regulating body for the free-to-air broadcasting industry in Australia, is looking to tip the balance of power away from digital streaming services such as Netflix. Head over to Gizmodo for a fascinating overview of their recent senate submission.
  • Looking to get your layabout kid into music? ALDI is selling a range of guitar products as part of its Special Buys promotion this Saturday. The sale includes amps, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, effect pedals and microphones with nothing over $99.
  • Valve head-honcho Gabe Newell took part in an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session today on Reddit. Click here for an overview of everything interesting he said.
  • The Quantum D-Wave 2 is a quantum computer boasting a 512 qubit chipset which makes it 3600 times faster than a state of the art supercomputer running top of the line CPLEX optimisation algorithm. Head over to Gizmodo to see it in action.


  • RE: Those Aldi guitars. I’m looking to grab the Semi Acoustic one. Anyone have had any experience with them. People on Whirlpool rated them as ok for the price.

    I’m just starting out and really don’t have that much disposable income to get a ‘entry level’ $300 one.

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