Briefly: Pixar's Magic Formula, Best Cars At Geneva Motor Show, Free Cloud Storage

Brief news items for Lifehacker readers including: the secret to Pixar's movie success, the hottest cars from the Geneva Motor Show, get 50GB of free cloud storage from Box.

  • Pixar is renowned for having created some of the most beloved animated movies of all time. But how do they get their movies into such great shape? According to Disney Animation Studios president Ed Catmull, the secret to their success is something called The Braintrust.
  • Good mews for Xbox One fans: Respawn Entertainment has confirmed that Australia and New Zealand will get dedicated Titanfall servers located in Sydney from this Friday. Hurrah!
  • The Geneva Motor Show took place last week with some seriously nice automobiles on display. Here are ten of the sexiest cars from the showroom floor.
  • Box is offering 50GB of free cloud storage. Unlike many cloud storage deals, the 50GB has no time limit attached which means it effectively lasts forever (or until the company changes its T&Cs). [Via OzBargain]


    Important and very limiting condition on Box offer: "Offer available on new 2013 HP Business Desktops, Notebooks, and Tablets." Otherwise it's the bog-standard free 10GB

    Last edited 13/03/14 6:06 pm

    just use this link to register for the free 50GB

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