Briefly: 20 Metabolism Hacks, Bad Cosplay, Your Entire Browser History Revealed

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: 20 health hacks for a faster metabolism, the rise and fall of Bullfrog Productions, the worst/best cosplayer in the universe.

  • Anucha “Cha” Saengchart is a ‘low-cost cosplayer’ who creates his costumes using materials he finds lying around the house. The results are stupendously bad.
  • Want to see your entire browser history in a visual grid? The Iconic History plug-in is your friend (or enemy, depending on the websites you visit).
  • If you were a gamer in the early ’90s, chances are you were familiar with Bullfrog. The UK developer was responsible for some of the best games of the 16-bit era, including Populus, Syndicate, Theme Park, Magic Carpet and Dungeon Keeper. Then EA Games bought the company and everything turned to ashes. Kotaku investigates the company’s downfall in this fascinating retrospective.
  • In a recent Twitter exchange, Australia’s Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull essentially told a fed up internet user that if she wants good broadband, she should have moved somewhere else. We leave the report here without comment.
  • Scott Robertson is a concept designer best known for his astonishing spaceship paintings. Head over to Gizmodo for a taste of his amazing work.
  • Our friends at PopSugar Health & Fitness have published a metabolism guide that includes 20 healthy habits that everyone should practice. Read it here.
  • PopSugar also has the week’s best celebrity Instagram candids, for people who like that sort of thing. (It’s Friday, deal with it.)

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