Apple Has Stopped Selling The iPad 2

Apple Has Stopped Selling The iPad 2
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Well, there goes one cheaper iPad option. Apple has stopped selling the iPad 2.

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When the iPad Air went on sale in November last year, Apple continued offering a couple of iPad 2 models, with the 16GB Wi-Fi model for $449 and the 16GB 3G model for $598 (which was more expensive than they had been pre-Air). Now it has pulled both models from its online store, though it currently offers some refurb deals. Other retailers are likely to still have stock, but that will presumably run out quickly as well.

Wonder how long it will be before Apple stops offering iOS updates that run on the iPad 2? The original iPad can’t be updated to run iOS 7, and the iPad 2 is now three years old.

Apple has also added an 8GB version of the iPhone 5C to its lineup. It sells for $679 (the 16GB model is $739).

[via Business Insider]


  • The iPad 2 was replaced by the iPad 4 – at the same price I might add. So the cheaper iPad is not only still an option, but it just got much much better!

  • It may be a good thing that the original iPad can’t be updated to iOS7 as it would certainly run very much slower. Unfortunately iPhone4 users not so lucky and got forced onto it to deal with #gotofail rather than getting the iOS6 patch given to 3S users.

    It does rather put into perspective the difference between support for Windows XP going after 13 years, and Apple phasing out support for its own products in less than 3 years.

    • iOS 7.1 runs fine on my iPhone 4, actually I find it’s the best the phone has run since I got it end of 2012.

      • It’s horrible on mine. Much slower than on iOS6 which I’d kept until #gotofail. Freezes constantly and sometimes the interface is so slow I can’t even answer calls in time.

  • How was it cheaper? We’re up to gen5, gen6 just around the corner. It was 3 gens behind and selling for $100 less than gen5 released at?

    Also, nice price bumps to the entire product range …

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