An Art White Wall And Wiimote Control: The GrooveSpace Workspace

An Art White Wall and Wiimote Control: the GrooveSpace Workspace

Today's featured workspace eclectic and ergonomic. The setup combines a 42-inch flatscreen TV, standing laptop desk, and both a Wiimote and Windows Speech Recognition for nearly typing-free computing.

The space belongs to online marketing's Dan Cutler, who works standing in front of the flatscreen and says:

I even painted the wall behind my flatscreen in Art Gallery White to keep the screen the only focal point. Props to my friend Marnie for letting me know that was a thing.

As I tend towards lateral thinking, fascination, rabbit holes & tangents (all of which can serve me really well in my work, as long as I stay within the parameters), I keep things extremely minimal.

How I Work: The GrooveSpace [DCCutler]


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