Write Your Repayment Due Date On Your Credit Card And Never Forget To Pay

Write Your Repayment Due Date On Your Credit Card And Never Forget To Pay

If you can’t remember to pay your credit card bill every month, Redittor SolidDexter has a solution: write the due date on the card itself.

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It’s a simple but effective idea:

Assuming it’s fairly static you should be able to put something like [25/n] on your credit card to know when you have to pay.

All you need is a permanent marker and a little space. You could even reserve some room next to your signature if you plan in advance. This way you’ll regularly see that date and can remember to pay off your balance.

Of course, this presumes you don’t want to use autopay and can’t change your billing date to something impossible to forget (like the first of the month). You could also set a computer/smartphone reminder, but this is a way you can see the date regularly and actually commit it to memory without making any effort.

Label the day your credit card bill is due directly onto your credit card [Reddit]


  • Maybe it’s just the way I think about security, but the more clear information someone who finds/sees your card has the better the chance of social engineering/dumpster diving someone, somehow, somewhere.

    Maybe if you wrote PIN: 1111 instead of Due: 11/XX on the card you could kill two bankers with one stone. Security through obscurity yes, but in this case uncommon enough.

  • I was paying off my card monthly, then found my card payment dates worked on a 4 week cycle, so the date creeps. I ended up missing a cycle and paying twice the next cycle. Then I got charged a VERY large fee for not paying.

  • If your credit card is with the same banking institution you have your internet banking with, you should be able to just set up an automatic payment on the due date. My bank allows this, with the options of the minimum (yeah, right), the total, or a dollar amount in between.

    It’s particularly useful if you have an offset account for your mortgage – do all your regular purchases on credit and pay it back on the due date, keeping as much cash as possible in the offset account to reduce your interest.

  • One of my c/card providers uses payment due date as a security question (amongst others). Knowing this wouldn’t grant immediate account access to a thief … but it still infers ownership … and recent history of hacked Twitter accounts shows that call-centre staff can be misled with scraps of information.

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