Which Job Perk Would You Like The Most?

Which Job Perk Would You Like The Most?

Many tech employers offer pool tables, arcade machines and other perks to make the workplace more appealing to potential staff. But that’s just the tip of the perkberg. How about free FitBits, anniversary sneakers or $2000 worth of holiday accommodation?

The San Franciso Business Times rounded up some of the extras offered to staff in Silicon Valley tech companies. Here’s an arbitrary selection of the ones that jumped out at us:

  • Salesforce.com: Unlimited gummy bears
  • Practice Fusion: Every employee receives a fitbit
  • Eventbrite: Office smoothie bar
  • Airbnb: $2000 of Airbnb travel credit each year
  • Dropbox: On-site haircuts
  • Taulia: New sneakers on your two-year anniversary

Which one appeals to you the most? Tell us in the comments.

Cool S.F. tech perks: Early screenings, travel credits, unlimited vacation [via Business Insider]


  • A giant gummy bear and a Dankey Kang game & watch plz!

    A FitBit would be awesome (or rather, new gadgets like this every now and again), but what would do it most for me, would be either a casual work attitude (with a work from home or flexible time off ethic), or a small personal “fund” where you can get the company to pay for stuff. For example, instead of getting a FitBit, being able to go up to the boss and say you’d like $100 to buy a new game or something and that comes out of your personal fund.

    Or just a straight up cash bonus would work.

  • Jeans to work, and not just on Friday. Or shorts. There’s a free perk for a business to give you.
    I sit at a laptop and go to meetings with other internal people all day. I’m not customer facing. Who the hell are we all trying to impress?
    No Hotdesking. Give me my own desk. Theres a perk for you.

    • Awww, no jeans? Lame. We’re allowed to wear jeans as long as we wear the company polo shirt, which is something I can live with. At least I don’t have to worry about what to wear every morning.

  • I don’t need perks. I get enough already without asking! Some of the perks I get in my job are:

    International Travel – I have a day or two either side of my “work days” in-country so I can recover from jet lag on the flight there or go sight seeing. Then when I fly home I get another day to recover from the jet lag from the flight back. The hotel is paid the entire time I’m there as well as standard food/taxi expenses etc.

    Work Life Balance – Working for a global company, I have some nights where I am up late on conference calls, so my boss gives me a Friday off to make it a long weekend

    Work From Home – Generally I do about 1-2 days/fortnight

    Jeans/T-shirt (or collared dress shirt if I feel like it) in the office and I suit up for my clients

    My own choice of airline for international/domestic travel – company pays but I clock up the miles on my own frequent flyer program.

    My own choice of hotel for domestic trips to Melbourne or Brisbane (within a reasonable budget)
    I asked for a new backpack to pack my gear in – MacBook Air, iPad, phones, battery packs, cables… he hands me the credit card and I score $200 worth of gear 🙂

    No “set hours” due to flexibility of the role. If I need a few hours off in the morning for an appointment, I just let my manager know so he is aware. No requirement to clock in “sick time” or “annual leave” hours and never docked time.

    All in all – I live and breathe “Work/Life Balance” within a company that thrives on a positive culture. It’s been 20 years in the making but soooooo worth it now.

  • My last job had a lot of perks but at the end of the day I changed job for a lot more money doing the same role so perks arent everything if you are getting jibbed in other aspects… In saying that the perk I miss most was 9 day fortnights, gave me a long weekend every second week which meant i could plan personal things on those days like get the car serviced etc without having to take a day out of annual leave. it definitely helps!

  • I enjoy the 9 day fortnight (although that means longer days) and the flexible arrangements with hours worked (late night means I can go home early other days). I would like more access to tech like a laptop and not a desktop … working on that one! ha!!

  • In my start-up, my staff get;
    – access to half-price First class flights,
    – flexible work from home conditions, and can do things like pick up kids and other personal admin as needed,
    – Independent work hours based on outcomes and goals
    – Regular review to ensure staff goals, timelines and active contribution are still aligned to company goals and timelines,

    Sorry, not hiring right now, but will be again in 6 mths.


  • Before ATMs I had a job which had a payday every Tuesday which was good if you got wasted on the weekend and you could scrape by Monday.

  • The Airbnb credit. Set up a room in your house at an extraordinarily high rate, with a terrible rating and use the credits on your own room. Organise other people in the office to “rent” your room as well and use it as a credit laundering system.

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