Which Australian State Has The Most Internet Users?

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has released its Household Use of Information Technology report for 2012-13. There's oodles of interesting data in the latest issue, including which Australian state/territory has the highest percentage of internet-connected households. (The answer might surprise you.)

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In 2012-13, the number of households with access to the internet at home rose to 83 per cent; up four percentage points from the 2011 report. However, some states and territories are doing better than others:

Amongst states and territories, household proportions of internet access at home ranged from 89% in the Australian Capital Territory to 78% in Tasmania.

This is a difference of more than 10 per cent, which we think is a surprisingly large gap. Presumably the state's continued NBN roll out will help to narrow the divide somewhat (even if some households do end up with the old copper network).

You can see how each state and territory fares in the graph below:

credit: Australian Bureau of Statistics

According to ABS's data, the proportion of households in the highest income quintile were much more likely to have internet access in the home than households in the lowest income quintile: 98 per cent vs. 57 per cent.

Perhaps the most surprising thing about this statistic is that two per cent of the wealthiest households in Australia can't be bothered with internet access. Who are these eccentric millionaire hippies and how do I become one?

In some good news, nearly everyone in the nation has finally moved off dial-up internet which now accounts for just four per cent of connected households. Broadband use was divided between DSL (54%), mobile broadband (40%) and broadband via a mobile or smartphone (33%). The vast majority of respondents (81%) also admitted to accesses the internet at home on a daily basis.

You can check out other interesting factoids — including Australian online shopping habits and age breakdowns — by heading to the ABS website.

Household Use of Information Technology, Australia, 2012-13 [Australian Bureau of Statistics]


    Or would it be more likely the Internet connection is registered under a business name they own? Seems more likely.

      or the Family Trust.. You know, just like everyone does...

      Where do you think this data came from? You think ISP's released their raw customer data and they matched it up by name or something?

      It's a survey. They do it every two years.

    Slightly off-topic, but for anyone who uses their phone to play Ingress - especially on the Enlightened side - that is a beautiful Shutterstock graphic.

    Well chosen Mr Jager.

    The Australian Bureau of Statistics has given household connection data mentioned in the report.
    Does in include users of mobile BB?
    There would always be more users than connections.

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