Turn A Kitchen Utensil Rack Into A Cufflink Storage Unit

Turn A Kitchen Utensil Rack Into A Cufflink Storage Unit

Cufflinks can be annoyingly hard to store. Do you keep them in their individual cases, chuck them loose in a drawer or swallow your manhood and invest in a jewelry box? If none of these options appeal to you, here’s a simple IKEA Hackers solution that will help ensure you never lose a cufflink again.

To create your cufflink holder, all you need is an IKEA Ordning kitchen utensil rack which retails for $9.95. The unit is made from stainless steel and lined with holes, which makes it ideal for holding cufflinks — simply connect your cufflinks between each hole and they’ll be waiting in perfect order for when you need them.

Mind you, anyone who owns enough cufflinks to require a storage rack would probably turn their nose up at such a cheap and inelegant solution. Perhaps if it was spray-painted gold?

[Via IKEA hackers]


    • or like adults, put them in a drawer and use them daily because you don’t wear a polo shirt to work.

    • normal people, i know plenty of people who use them … personally i think i have maybe one business shirt that doesn’t have French cuffs. Since ties are not common place anymore cufflinks are probably the only really flexible part of a business wardrobe now.

  • Or if your the sort of person that has multiple pairs of cufflinks and wears them daily, then im sure you would have some sort of cufflink holder already

  • I recognize the cutlery rack! It’s from IKEA and it’s actually really dirt cheap. It’s a fantastic idea for cufflink or earring storage actually. Surprised that no one has publicised this ingenious method of jewellery storage until now! Now I’m excited to go pull out all my cufflinks and get them organized! Haha!

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