TinyMediaManager Organises Your Movie Library, Works Across Platforms

TinyMediaManager Organises Your Movie Library, Works Across Platforms

Windows/Mac/Linux: Movie library managers usually cost upwards of $30, and they’re often only available on Windows. TinyMediaManager solves these problems by being free, cross-platform and easy to use.

The app allows you to add movies scattered across your hard drive(s) into one central library. It can pull metadata from a variety of online sources and, of course, you can edit it as you choose. You can even compile specific movie sets. The obvious application is for trilogies of movies, but you can even create your own sets, so, for example, you can have the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in one place.

tinyMediaManager [via Ghacks]


  • A very good alternate to this is Media Center Master, iv been using it for years now and it proved amazingly effective, i have it pointed to my NAS and it updates accordingly and the scrappers it captures works on my PC, xbox and Pi, its the little things such as cover art and bios that make my home cinema experience perfect 😉 (the movies help too 😛 )

    • tinyMediaManager has a powerful engine to import the file structure of your TV shows. It has many regular expressions to detect the episode and season information out of the file/directory names.

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