This Video Is A Quick Primer On 4K TV

If you’ve heard about 4K TV but you aren’t sure whether it matters, this two-minute video primer from the folks at Mashable will get you up to speed quickly.

We’ve covered off the basics of 4K TV (Ultra HD if you want to be precise) and discussed whether it’s worth investing in a 4K display yet. This video covers the key elements of how it works and why its huge data volumes pose something of a problem. Hit the link below to see the video at Mashable, or just click play above.

Everything You Need to Know About 4K Video in Less Than 2 Minutes [Mashable]


  • For the Australian market, 4k is pointless, broadcast Television in Australia is not in HD (I dont care what any of the channels say) its so compressed and pixelated sometimes it makes watching TV in “HD” almost unwatchable (9/Win being one of the worst offenders) 4k movie streaming will be difficult until we get the full NBN roll out, slow internet speeds with download caps make streaming damn near impossible in some areas, and with the BDA only just announcing a standard for 4k Bluray it is going to take time for 4k software to start appearing on the shelf in your local JB or Big W. No, 4k is not worth the money or effort quite yet.

    • Lets not discourage rich people from buying these…. The more who do, the cheaper the TVs get. Plus, broadcast TV isn’t really the point, you’ll be able to buy/rent 4k movies sooner or later…. 🙂

  • It’s like the transition from analog recording to digital. At first, the recording engineers didn’t do a great job of recording in digital and the sound came over as ‘thin’ and lacking in depth.

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