This Video Explains What To Eat Before A Heavy Workout Or Performance

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of diet athletes who need the most possible bang for their caloric buck enjoy when they’re training, the folks at ASAPScience have the answer. If you’re training or just want to see what type of carb, protein, and fat balance the pros aim for, this video will show you.

Also of interest is the discussion of the optimal time to eat before a physically-demanding performance. As the video notes, professional skaters usually eat around three to four hours before their performance, and make the meal as appetising as possible so they don’t become nauseous or ill before they go on. They need those calories to turn into energy for their event, and they don’t want to eat so close to the time that they’re sick. That’s worth remembering the next time you need to give a presentation, speak in front of a crowd, or do any kind of performance in front of people.

Remember too: Olympic athletes eat this way when training for competitive sports. Everyday people that don’t need to compete in the Olympics don’t need that kind of caloric intake, or that particular balance of carbohydrates to protein to fats.

The Olympic Diet [ASAPScience (YouTube)]


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