The Neat Crow's Nest Workspace

The Neat, "Crow's Nest" Workspace

Today's featured workspace is a fun-filled space. Despite all the eye candy, it's so finely organised, fellow neat freaks are sure to be impressed.

Flickr user Moonfa11 dubs it the "Crow's Nest", probably because there's a crow watching over the setup. From the hanging iPad and headphones, to the black box corralling all the cords, and the decked out custom-built PC, you'll want to head to Moonfa11's photostream for many more inspiring photos. It's particularly clever that the bed is behind the dual monitors, which can be swivelled around so he can game or watch movies in bed:

The Neat, "Crow's Nest" Workspace

Moonfa11 [Flickr]


    Can't believe all that can be built in mums basement

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