The Google Timer Is Back

Google introduced a built-in timer command last year, but then mysteriously dumped it after a few days. Now the timer is back.

You can set the timer by typing any of the following commands into the Google search box (or directly into your address bar if your default search is set to Google, which is usually the case in Chrome):

set timer 45 seconds set timer 10 minutes 30 seconds set timer an hour and a half set timer 12 hours 6 minutes 3 seconds

If you simply type set timer, you'll see an option for five minutes. The word set is also optional.

Google Operating System notes that the option currently only works with desktop search — but most mobile devices have a timer built into the clock app anyway.

Google's Timer Is Back [Google Operating System]


    The news for me here is that it went away??
    I have and do use this regularly. It works with the voice recognition after you click the microphone icon also.
    On my HTC One Google Now does a similar thing, but uses the devices alarm clock to mark then end of the time.

    You can actually do it with even fewer keystrokes if you just type 'sec', 'min' or 'hr' for the time. E.g. "timer 2 hr" will set it for an hour, and something like "timer 5 min 20 sec" will also work

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