The Best Vegetables For Lazy Cooks Who Want To Eat Healthy

The Best Vegetables For Lazy Cooks Who Want To Eat Healthy

Getting more veggies into your diet is a good idea for everyone. The key is figuring out which ones fit into your lifestyle and method of cooking. Over at Summer Tomato, author and neuroscientist Darya Rose suggests which vegetables are ideal for the laziest of home cooks.

Granted, most veggies don’t have to be a hassle at all, but Darya notes that there are some that are just easier to prepare than others, have more preparation options, and can be found fresh at virtually any time of the year. In no particular order, she notes:

  • Tuscan Kale
  • Cabbage
  • Delicata squash
  • Baby spinach
  • Capsicums

This isn’t an exhaustive list of easy-prep veggies by any stretch of the imagination, so don’t think they’re the only ones. If you’re riding the kale train, Tuscan kale takes much less time to clean than the curly stuff, and it has flatter leaves, which make them easier to cut and cook. Cabbage is sweet, crunchy, and it can add brightness and sweetness to a dish. Darya even offers up a morning cabbage and egg scramble that will get your day off to a healthy start.

Capsicums are another universal favourite for snacking, salads and stuffing, and they’re super-easy to prepare. Hit the link below to read more about each of the entries and how you can incorporate them into your healthy eating plans.

5 Ideal Vegetables for Lazy Cooks [Summer Tomato]


  • Pretty much any pasta or rice accompaniment to a dish can be “healthified” by replacing the pasta with cabbage. Just slice it up in approx 1cm strips and fry it down. Add a complementary sauce or stir it into the main ingredients.

    • Just slice it up in approx 1cm strips and fry it down

      Not sure how frying cabbage is healthier than boiling pasta to use in a dish.

      Regarding capsicums, best to go for red ones that contain a higher level of Vitamin C in them, and eat them raw if you want maximum health benefit from them.

      • If you’ve got issues with addictive carbohydrates, blood sugar, glutin then cabbage is an excellent replacement, and then there’s the extras it adds to the meal. It takes very little oil/fat to get cabbage strips down to a state where it subs for spaghetti or fettucini, and if you’re using to replace lasagna sheets, then you don’t need any.

  • Carrots, shitake, cabbage/wombak choy noodles (udon or soba), bonito broth or just soy sauce, sake and mirin..everything in one meal…..

    Need protein?drop an egg in or cubed fish fillets…

    Optional extra: dump the noodles and use tofu

    Optional extra 2: use miso as soup base


  • I would say that best form of vegetables for lazy cooks is just to buy a salad, which can you instantly eat without any preparation

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