Tested: Flower Food Really Is The Best Way To Keep Flowers Fresh

Tested: Flower Food Really Is the Best Way to Keep Flowers Fresh

Fresh flowers can be expensive, so you want your bouquets to last as long as possible. Real Simple tested seven common ways people try to prolong their flowers' life — such as adding aspirin, sugar or a coin to the vase — and shows us how they work compared to flower food.

The photo above is from the aspirin experiment. By day four, Real Simple reports, the tulips drooped sadly, and they were an eyesore by day seven. A coin helped the flowers bloom slowly and beautifully (but then they withered quickly), and a teaspoon of sugar (no vodka necessary) kept the flowers mostly intact, but the clear winner was flower food you get from a florist.

If your bouquet didn't come with that food packet, and you don't feel like buying any, The Kitchn has a recipe for homemade plant food you can make using stuff you have in your kitchen.

Head over to Real Simple to see the full experiments. It's a slideshow, but you can see it all at once with the print option.

How to Keep Cut Flowers Fresh [Real Simple]


    Pretty sure Myth Busters did a bit on this and in the end just plain water was the winner.

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