Start A Magazine Trade To Bond With Your Co-Workers

Creating a "magazine swap" is a good way to read more articles, but The Daily Muse suggests you can use your old stack of magazines for better networking in the office, and in turn, boost your career.

Something I've done at my past three jobs is set up an informal magazine swap with a colleague who gets different subscriptions than I do. It's a great way to initiate a relationship with someone you don't really know yet, it's good for the environment ("recycling" can be more than filing your paper products in a blue container), and it's a cost-effective way to read even more magazines.

While our previous tip suggested creating a box that says something to the effect of "Free Magazine Swap" where others can dump their books, you'd need to be more active for this method. Also, be a little helpful and go the extra mile by adding a sticky note with your favourite articles from that issue, so the next person knows which ones to go to.

How That Stack Of Old Magazines Can Boost Your Career [The Daily Muse]


    Can I also offer the suggestion of once everyone has had a read, dropping old issues off at hospital emergency waiting rooms. People can be stuck in there for hours and won't care how old they are.

    When I travel on jetliners, I always collect the inflight magazines to deposit in our office kitchen. These magazines are family friendly, feature interesting subjects (like travel destinations), and have loads of colourful pictures. However, my contributions are vastly outnumbered by the flood of Women's Day and other "celebrity" magazines :(

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