Rinse Bacon In Water Before Cooking To Reduce Shrinkage By 50%

Rinse Bacon In Water Before Cooking To Reduce Shrinkage By 50%

This sounds like a bizarre thing to do, but we’re talking about less bacon shrinkage! Rinse your bacon before you cook it, and you’ll have longer strips to enjoy.

Picture: Lifehackable

This tip has been circling around for a while. Fran at the Franalan blog put it to the test and confirmed her bacon did not shrink. Several people at Thrify Fun, BabyCenter, and Art of Manliness report the same.

Also, cooking bacon in the oven definitely is a superior method, but if you want to cook it in a skillet, Cooking Light suggests you could also prevent some shrinkage by starting with a cold pan and flipping often.

Cooking Perfect Bacon [Franalan.com]


  • Pan fried, low-medium heat & put the bacon on the pan while it’s cool so that the fat renders properly. Always will be the best method.

  • I fail to see how this is going to help me with my shrinkage. Do I kind of wrap the bacon around the affected area or what? Article seems incomplete.

  • Pro tip: the correct method for cooking american bacon (oven, crispy) is very different to that for australian ‘bacon’, which is actually pork loin (aka Canadian bacon, aka ‘back bacon’ – pan, tender).

    Note: neither of these methods should be attempted with either Kevin or Francis Bacon.

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