Respond Better To Criticism With These Two Lists

Respond Better To Criticism With These Two Lists

Getting feedback on yourself or a project can be tough no matter how thick your skin is. If you find yourself constantly on the defensive when people offer you that constructive feedback, a post by Barking Up the Wrong Tree suggests you create two lists to differentiate between the type of feedback you’re getting.

Picture: Hobvia sudoneighm/Flickr

When we’re criticised, we tend to ignore the criticism and immediately jump on the defensive to prove a person wrong, but it’s actually easy to change that mindset. When you do, you can actually gain something from those conversations. Barking Up the Wrong Tree suggests breaking it all down into two lists:

So make two lists: One is things they’re wrong about. And one is things that, well, they might be right about.

Next time you get feedback, make three columns:

  1. What they said
  2. What’s “wrong” with the feedback
  3. What might be right

This lets you vent your frustration in column 2 but column 3 makes sure you don’t lose the value of what they’re saying.

Hopefully, the two lists will enable you to filter through those criticisms and improve your faults. Head over to Barking Up the Wrong Tree for more tips about responding better to criticism.

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