Repurpose A Lotion Bottle Into A Tap Extender For Kids

Repurpose a Lotion Bottle into a Faucet Extender for Kids

Short taps can make it hard for little kids to reach the water. You can solve the problem by cutting an old lotion or shampoo bottle into the shape shown above and using it as an extender.

Just make sure you use something like sandpaper or steel wool to take off the sharper edges first.

Advice to young parents [Всяко]


    How do they turn the tap on? Just get them a step.

      Good point, but even then I think this is a decent lifehack - though that might just be compared to most of them that they post.

    It has always astounded me the number of stupidly designed bathrooms, from spouts that are so short you cant get your hands under them to rinse properly to toilet roll holders mounted behind you on the wall to any number of other annoyances. Hotels are often culprits in this regard.

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