From The Tips Box: Quicker Logins, Hanger Bumps, Exchange Availability

Quicker Logins, Hanger Bumps, and Exchange Availability

Lifehacker readers offer their best tips for getting to login pages faster, preventing hanger bumps on clothes, and making availability info more accessible in an Exchange environment.

Every day we receive stacks of great reader tips. From the Tips Box is where we round up some of our favourites. Got a tip of your own to share? Add it in the comments or send it using our contact form.

Link to Logout Pages for Quicker Logins

Quicker Logins, Hanger Bumps, and Exchange Availability

Jim shares a tip for logging into sites more quickly:

There is a new trend with some sites to hide their login function behind some layer of mini-window, extra link, or applet. This makes using your saved passwords or password managers a pain.

Most of those sites, while forcing an extra click or two to log in, almost beg to have you back once you've logged out. So if you login to your favourite site, and then hit the logout button, you'll often find a nice friendly landing page with username and password fields just waiting for you. Save the URL to that logout page in your password managers.

Prevent Hanger Bumps on Clothes with Pipe Insulator

Quicker Logins, Hanger Bumps, and Exchange Availability

Michael shares a tip for preventing hanger bumps on clothes:

Tired of hanger bumps in your shirts and sweaters? You can make your own bump free hangers for less than a buck. Just grab some 1/2" polyethylene pipe insulation from the hardware store. It looks just like a skinny pool noodle. Split one of the sides (unless you buy it pre-split), poke a hole for the hanging neck to fit through, and secure it to the hanger with a couple of zip ties. Presto! No more bumps.

Keep Availability Info Handy in an Exchange Environment

Quicker Logins, Hanger Bumps, and Exchange Availability

Virus of Things shares a tip for those of you working in an office that uses Microsoft Exchange:

If you work in a large office on many floors or different locations and your company uses Microsoft Exchange, availability info can be really handy. An easy way to find it is to create an email addressed to all the people you wish to know about. Make the subject line Availability (it's for your own reference; you won't be sending this message).

If availability is configured right for your network, all the people in the To: field will have a little coloured dot telling you if they are at their desk, on the phone, in a meeting, away from the desk, or using an out-of-office message.

Set the Delay sending message to 365 days, just in case you accidentally hit send, and save it to your Drafts folder. You can keep this email open in a separate window and constantly have an idea whether it's worth the trip down the hall to chat with your boss.

Make Your Own DIY Athlete's Foot Spray

Quicker Logins, Hanger Bumps, and Exchange Availability

Emily shares a DIY athlete's foot spray recipe:

Athlete's foot can get really uncomfortable. Fortunately, if you have a relatively mild outbreak, there's an easy DIY recipe you can try before cracking your wallet open for the more expensive store-bought remedies. Its primary ingredients are apple cider vinegar, witch hazel, and tea tree oil, all of which have both antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. LD


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