Open Your Garage Door Via A Phone Browser With Raspberry Pi

Open Your Garage Door Via A Phone Browser With Raspberry Pi

Garage door openers aren’t revolutionary tech, but they’re very useful. One enterprising Raspberry Pi user used the board to create a wireless access point connected to the garage door that can open it via the browser on your phone.

The setup is relatively cheap and doesn’t require an unapproachable level of skill to put together. The advantage is that a guest can also enter through the garage door without requiring their own remote. Check out the link for full details.

Access Point Garage Door Opener [Dead, too much lettuce via Evil Mad Scientist]


  • Neat idea, but to supercharge that idea, why not install the Ninja Blocks client on your Pi? (check out the Pi Crust page). Just install it over your Wheezy installation, sign up for an account on and with a bit of twiddling, you should be able to get the same thing running, but with the added benefit of being able to control your lights and other stuff in the house.

    We don’t have a garage or garage door, but with a $6 contact sensor, I’ve been able to hook it up so when I open the front door at night, the front lights come on and stay on for 10 minutes. Fun stuff.

  • This looks good. I was thinking of doing something similar with my new Open Sprinkler installation using spare channels to trigger the garage doors.

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