Killer Interview Question: What Would Your Previous Boss Change About You?

Another addition to the killer interview questions list to prepare for: what would your previous boss want to change about you?.

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Ad company CEO Kim Reed Perell says that this question — and a variant where you ask what your former colleagues would change — often produces surprisingly honest responses. It's a variation on the often-seen "what's your biggest weakness?" question, but requires you to produce a specific example.

How would you answer the question?

Kim Reed Perell of Adcoin Direct [New York Times via Business Insider


    My last boss told me that a definite area of improvement would be "Despite the fact that you have an excellent & deep technical understanding of all these systems & how they interact with each other - remember that you don't know everything."

    ...the fact that I have quit?

    My current boss is actively trying to make me more effective at networking and taking advantage of informal situations like business lunches as learning experiences. I am, in response to this, actively working to improve myself in this area even though I hate it.

    Once I have mastered this, I will be perfect in every conceivable way.

    He would make me younger, cheaper, female and with large breasts, plus no inclination to stand up for myself when he screamed at me.

      I know that exact feeling... in the process of leaving right now. Feels good man.

    He'd make sure I am really comfortable in my job, and change my office workspace from a nice clean desk in an average sized room, to that of a small public portaloo on a construction site, shared by 20 people.
    (Happening right now to me)

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