Killer Interview Question: What Superpower Would You Give To Your Best Friend?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: what superpower would you give to our best friend.

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That question is in use at Dropbox. Indeed, the roundup of questions posted on Glassdoor by Dropbox candidates includes several odd options, including how you'd explain Dropbox to an elderly relative, how you'd calculate the number of Dropbox users and how you'd use Dropbox in a car or a toaster.

Those questions all suggest two things: you need a deep familiarity with Dropbox as a product, and you need a degree of imagination. Those factors should inform how you would reply to the superhero question. Rather than a glib answer ("the ability to produce infinite beer") or a product-centric suckup ("I'd install Dropbox in their brain"), you'd need to pick out something more creative. I'm thinking perhaps a metal plate in the head that can help improve mobile phone reception, but which doesn't show up on airport scans.

How would you answer the question?

Want To Work For Dropbox? Try Answering Some Of These Tough And Quirky Interview Questions [Business Insider]


    My best friend already has a superpower, the ability to turn people into stone from his ugly mutant face
    I've been turned into stone a few times, but I got better

    I don't think “the ability to produce infinite beer” would work well because in that instant, the whole universe will become beer and everyone would die.

    The power of the ultimate wing man so I can get all the ladies

    The power to stop interviewers asking stupid bloody questions like this.

    If people conducting job interviews WANTED to be psychiatrists or physiologists or study human behavior... then please go and do THAT.

    If instead you want to ask sensible questions related to down-to-earth job / functional issues.... ASK AWAY !!! I guarantee you'll end up getting better employees in the long run. It's not a game to see who can ask the "coolest" interview questions.

    The ability to do maths in your head.

    Genie powers with unlimited wishes for he who holds the genies home object. Me :)

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