Learn The Military Tuck For Keeping A Dress Shirt Neat With This Video

Want to look slim and sharp in your dress shirt, and not like you’re wearing a puffy blouse? This video from Birchbox Man demonstrates how to use the military tuck to do just that (whether you’re a guy or a gal).

Basically, you pinch the excess fabric at the side seams and fold it back when you tuck it in. We’ve mentioned this anti-billowing trick previously, but the video gives us a closer look (scrub to the 0:53 mark to watch it).

The other dress shirt tips are fairly basic, but still a decent reminder of dress shirt basics.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Dress Shirt Crisp [Birchbox]


  • Great tips, though they go against the way I look after dress shirts:

    1) Hang ’em over the back of a chair because ugh, hanging clothes.
    2) Go for the ones that never need ironing. If they do need ironing, throw them in the dryer while you’re frantically getting ready for work because you overslept. When the dryer is done, take it out, realise it’s still wrinkled, say “Screw it”, wear it anyway and just tell people you’ve been crawling under desks all morning.

    I think half of my life is like the Foul Bachelor Frog memes..

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