HP Is Recalling Some Chromebook 11 Chargers In Australia

HP's Chromebook 11 is an impressive device on the road, but if you're an early adopter you may need a replacement charger. HP is recalling one model of charger shipped in Australia because of potential problems.

The Chromebook 11 will pop up an automated message when you connect your charger and, depending on the model, may suggest you need a replacement. The key distinguishing feature for models which might need a new charger is the presence of a + symbol on the base:

If you have a potentially dangerous charger model, you can request a free replacement through the same automated detection system.

As we noted in our Road Worrier review, a standard micro-USB phone charger will work with the Chromebook, but the process will be slower. (I'm lucky; the review model I'm using was not affected.)


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